The team is what makes our pulse beat every day.

Sprinkling love, laughter and joy in everything we do and everywhere we go.

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Our Misha is our cornerstone, leader, cheerleader, "Mom" and all round best boss in the world! Her passion is building a business that makes a difference in the floral industry.  


Amborella would not be complete without a ray of sunshine…..and that’s our Kelly!  She is our voice and face when greeting the customers and we could not have anyone better for the job.


She keeps us going with her wild sense of humour and positive, upbeat attitude! Kelly is the Sunshine in Amborella.

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Lexie is our ultra talented wedding and event designer. She loves anything soft, romantic, and beautiful. Her designs are contemporary and yet ever so classic and romantic.  

She’s also our movie trivia buff extraordinaire!  

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Danielle is our front end dynamo! Her sweet personality, natural design talents, and quick wit is a win with our customers.  


She sparkles like the gem! 

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Amanda is our go-to girl. She holds the shop together, best admin out there! Not only is her heart made of gold but she has the gift of making everything she touches beautiful. 


Best laugh award always goes to her. 

Stef is our flower child - she loves all living things including (and especially) flowers and furry creatures. She is our free spirited, kind, compassionate Amborella girl!

She is also a star athlete on our wedding sets ups.  Her favourite flower is a ranunculus!


Alison is known as our "fairy godmother". She carries a plethora of flower knowledge & brings fantastic energy to the shop. You can find her leading workshops and pulling those long days, evenings and weekends during our busy seasons. 


She also offers the best advise. 

Cait is a gifted floral artist and has a keen eye creating impeccable designs. Her speciality - weddings and events. We are so lucky to have her on our team.


And, just to round out all the female energy...there’s Mike…..our Marketing dude.  Rarely is he seen without a camera in front of his face!  He is the guy behind our Instagram photos and the creative marketing!


Want to join our team? Drop us a line! If we're not hiring - that's okay - we'll keep you in mind for when we are!