Ever wonder why you can purchase a healthy sized bouquet for around $100 from your local florist, and a similar variety of blooms and stem count designed as a wedding bouquet easily costs double or more? Here's why!

Majority of florist's work SO hard behind the scenes to complete a wedding from start to finish. Of course it costs you money, because we all need to be compensated as it does result in long hours. The Thing is, most of the work done behind the scenes is hidden into the item pricing. Jobs like finding the perfect stems, perfecting your custom quote, consulting, revising, site visits, re-quoting, scheduling, planning...the list goes on.  The final results consist of the following typical (and accepted) scenerios.



Traditional flower shop process



We're on a mission to change the Traditional Flower shop Process!

Why?! Because we believe you can have the wedding flowers of your dreams without spending a fortune (the florists behind your beautiful blooms may actually have time to see the sunlight in the summer!)


• Lengthy consultation Required

• minimum order required

• heavy use of imported blooms

• 50% deposit

• 6-12 month advance ordering

• 30%- 40% labour costs built into the prices

• limited availability (especially Saturdays from June to September)





How we’re different

By using our online booking system we boast these differences



 • No consultation required, saving you time

• last minute bookings available!

• no minimum order

• few imported blooms & use of seasonal canadian product

• order anytime from 1 year in advance up to 2 weeks prior to the wedding

• low labour costs

• bridal bouquets starting at $115!

• we sell the extra flowers in the store - meaning, we don't have to subsidize the cost of your order to cover waste or unused stems. The overflow is simply sold in the shop. 



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